Saturday 08 August 2020

SmartWater Domestic Marking Kit

SmartWater Crime Deterrent - as described to the Parish Council.

SmartWater is a liquid, invisible except under ultra violet light, that can be applied to a huge variety of products in the home, to motor vehicles, bikes, garden ornaments and equipment, equestrian kit and much more. Once applied it cannot be removed and its unique forensic code will identify the product as registered to you.

Police are now routinely checking goods they suspect might have been stolen under ultra violet light not only enabling them to make arrests they could never do before, but also quickly return stolen goods. However more important than all of this is the deterrent effect it has. Thieves know about SmartWater and that being caught in possession of marked goods will almost certainly end in a conviction. Therefore they are more likely to avoid stealing goods that might be marked.

So by simply applying traces of SmartWater to your belongings and displaying SmartWater labels on your windows and doors, a powerful warning is sent to the criminal fraternity which is proven to be an effective deterrent.

The domestic marking kit sponsored by the police also contains warning labels and window stickers and costs 17.63 plus P&P if ordered through the parish council (see below) and assuming sufficient orders are received. This is hugely discounted on the commercial cost if bought privately. For more details go to the SmartWater website and watch their short video.

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