Saturday 08 August 2020

St Edith

No-one is sure quite why our church was dedicated to this little known Saint, being one of only two churches of 'St Edith' in Shropshire. However, on Sunday 18th September 2011, a special service was held here to mark the 1050th birthday of St Edith. The Service included the premiere of a short play entitled 'Edith's Choice', written and directed by Sheila Crone, about the life of St Edith of Wilton. This told the tale of young Edith's difficult choice between continuing her life as a nun or going to live a charmed life with her father King Edgar in his palace. Edith chose to turn her back on a life of riches to continue to serve God as a nun alongside her mother Wulfrith, eventually becoming abbess of her own convent until her death at the tender age of 23 in the year 984.

A large number of villagers gathered to watch the play, sing hymns and take part in the service led by Rev Michael Whittock. The children lit 50 candles on a birthday cake, sang Happy Birthday and let 10 balloons go to celebrate St Edith's birthday and God's Goodness. Finders of the balloons are encouraged to return the card to the rector in an attempt to discover how far the furthest balloon travels. The congregation enjoyed a piece of birthday cake with a cup of tea and a chat after the service.